Case Study

2023 Spring Cleaning Case Study

In March 2023, Dollar General Media Network (DGMN) and Clorox partnered to activate a highly effective digital marketing campaign that encompassed curated audiences using Dollar General’s 1P audience to support Clorox during the Spring Clean season.

Bottle of Clorox Disinfecting Bleach
Executive Summary

To reach more potential customers, DGMN used a variety of strategies to create different audiences. Clorox opted to target customers who previously purchased its products, as well as those who were identified as past, but lapsed customers. Additionally, DGMN utilized analytics to identify category buyers of cleaning tools and household cleaners as a targeted audience set to market Clorox products.

The campaign delivered a $2.98 incremental return on ad spend for Clorox and a 4.12% sales lift. Using advanced analytics and sophisticated one-to-one closed-loop attribution, DGMN was able to identify the source of incremental sales from an increase in converstion rate along with incremental transactions among the test group compared to the control group. In addition, the multiple creative versions and diverse audience sets included in the campaign propelled the overall success of the initiative.

Case Study

DG Media Network (DGMN) aims to deliver results for every campaign. Clorox and DGMN partnered to create a highly personalized digital marketing campaign from March 5, 2023 to May 6, 2023. The intent of the campaign was to support the spring cleaning season where there’s an increase in extensive cleaning tasks, usually tackling areas that are often overlooked during regular cleaning. This equated to an opportunity for Clorox to increase visibility as well as help drive customer awareness of other existing Clorox products.

$2 98
Incremental return on ad spend

The specialized media plan comprised of targeting audiences using DGMN’s 1P data across the digital ecosystem through mobile and standard display ad units. DGMN used its audience capabilities to target bleach cleaners and home cleaning buyers, resulting in the campaign not only boosting sales, but also expanding the customer base. Nearly 40% of the purchases were made by NEW shoppers who chose Pine Sol cleaning products from the selected SKUs. To measure the campaign’s effectiveness and the impact of each ad on sales, DGMN leveraged closed loop measurement capabilities, providing the incremental return on ad spend (iROAS) as a success metric.

The campaign generated $2.98 in sales for every dollar Clorox spent (iROAS). DGMN supplied Clorox with comprehensive analysis, revealing a 4.12% increase in sales while also highlighting specific audiences most engaged with the campaign. DGMN attributed the performance by tactic and creative, developing a recommendation to further optimize future campaigns for Clorox.

DGMN’s closed-loop measurement has been instrumental in our ability to accurately gauge the impact of our campaigns and ensure we’re investing in effective channels. By integrating DGMN’s insights with Clorox’s strategic objectives, we’ve been able to create tailored media plans that reach our target audience and drive growth.

Ali Smayo, Clorox, Shopper Experience Manager

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Campaign Results

DGMN is leading the way in the retail media and digital advertising space with multiple brand partners, creating valuable connections between brands and DG customers to drive win-win outcomes. By offering iROAS as a standard metric to all vendor partners, DGMN has the ability to create customized media plans based on vendors’ objectives. Additionally, the metric aids in optimizing marketing budgets by allocating it to the most effective channels and tactics. This strategy also affects the long-term impact for the brand as it increases customer retention and the lifetime value of the customer.

By creating customized media plans based on vendors’ objectives, curating specialized audiences and measuring its own success based on the success of vendors’ investments, DGMN is innovative, transformative and economical.