DG Media Network

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Solutions That Meet Our Customers Wherever They Are
Managed Service Owned + Operated
Sponsored Product Ads

Ensure product visibility on-site and on our App

On-Site Display

Appear in select placements on high traffic, relevant pages of the DG website and App


Target DG’s engaged email audiences with your brand message directly to their inbox


Engage DG customers with succinct content that triggers fast response directly on their phone screens

Landing Pages

Create audience engagement with landing pages designed to drive conversions

Managed Service Off-Site
Mobile / Standard Display

Reach the DG customer while browsing various websites and using mobile Apps

Video / CTV

Reach DG customers via streaming video

Programmatic Audio

Stream music, sports, news and podcasts

Digital Out-of-Home

Appear on out-of-home screens at public places to engage DG customers at various points of their day


Inspire the DG customer while they’re watching YouTube videos

Paid Social (Meta)

Connect through video and image ads on Facebook and Instagram

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Unduplicated Reach At Your Fingertips

Reach Dollar General customers across the open internet with pre-built Dollar General segments or custom, curated audiences – available at your fingertips – that can easily be layered on your programmatic media across Display, Video, Audio, CTV and Digital Out-of-Home through our partnership with the Trade Desk. Furthermore, understand the direct impact of your programmatic media by measuring DG Sales through near real-time reporting.