Case Study

Georgia-Pacific Angel Soft Case Study

Toward the end of February 2023, Dollar General Media Network (DGMN) and Georgia-Pacific partnered to activate a highly effective digital marketing campaign that encompassed behavioral-based targeting using Dollar General’s unique first-party audience to assist a well-known bath tissue at Dollar General during a peak sale season.

Pack of Angel Soft Soft and Strong bathroom tissue.
Executive Summary

During strategy planning, DG (Dollar General) Media Network recommended leveraging multiple audiences to drive consideration of new shoppers while increasing sales volume amongst brand buyers. To reach those potential Dollar General shoppers, DGMN used advanced analytics of current and past customer behavior to identify both cross- category and high propensity purchasers.

The campaign surpassed the average incremental return on ad spend (iROAS) by almost double the average and the sales lift saw a 9% uptick compared to previous campaigns. DGMN identified the source of incremental sales from an increase in conversion rate along with incremental transactions among the test group compared to the control group. In addition, the dual creative messaging, robust tactics, and diverse audiences propelled this initiative’s success to another level.

of customers who saw the advertisement were new shoppers of Angel Soft
Case Study

DGMN’s goal is to deliver outstanding results for every campaign. We partnered with Georgia-Pacific to not only expand sales opportunities but drive measurable business outcomes by engaging both loyal and new shoppers with our innovative targeting abilities. Georgia-Pacific and DGMN collaborated to create a highly personalized digital marketing campaign from February 26, 2023 through June 10, 2023.

The specialized media plan comprised of targeting audiences using DGMN’s 1P data across the digital ecosystem through programmatic audio, off-site, and on-site display. In addition, the audience targeting strategy took a multi-faceted approach to engage with bath tissue buyers within the brand and category. This allowed the initiative to focus on existing customers while extending efforts to convert competitor purchasers into new Angel Soft shoppers. As a result, 37% of customers who saw the advertisement were new shoppers of Angel Soft. Lastly, to measure the campaign’s effectiveness and the impact of each ad on sales, DGMN leveraged closed-loop measurement capabilities, providing the incremental return on ad spend as a success metric.

DG Media Network delivered the most relevant ads to targeted shoppers due to equity and promo related creatives and a full funnel strategy plan. Georgia-Pacific’s campaign proved to be an immense success. DGMN demonstrated it could reach the perfect mix of customers ready to convert and purchase Angel Soft at Dollar General.

DGMN’s closed-loop measurement and insights have been instrumental in our ability to accurately gauge the impact of our campaigns, by integrating DGMN’s innovative approach with Georgia-Pacific’s strategic objectives, we’ve been able to create tailored media plans that not only reach our target audience but also drive substantial growth. Their closed-loop measurement ensures we’re investing in the most effective channels, optimizing our marketing budget, and enhancing customer retention and lifetime value.

Karina Nunez-Rojas, Georgia-Pacific, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager

Pack of Angel Soft Citrus Scented bathroom tissue.
the average in incremental sales for every dollar Georgia-Pacific spent
Campaign Results

The campaign generated 2x the average in incremental sales for every dollar Georgia-Pacific spent (iROAS). The report also highlighted the specific audiences that were most engaged during the campaign.

DGMN is leading the way in the retail media and digital advertising space with multiple vendor partners, creating meaningful and lasting connections between brands and DG customers to drive success. By offering a toolbox of audiences, tactics, and DG first-party customer behavior insights, DGMN can develop customized media plans based on vendors’ business objectives. Additionally, by offering iROAS within final reporting, DGMN provides an accurate measure of campaign effectiveness and resulting sales among DG customers who would not have purchased the products if they would not have seen the media.

By creating customized media plans based on vendors’ objectives, curating specialized audiences, implementing diversified tactics, and measuring its own success based on the success of vendors’ investments, DGMN is innovative, transformative and economical.