Case Study

Pepsi 2022 Innovation Case Study

In February, Dollar General Media Network (DGMN) and PepsiCo partnered to activate a highly effective digital marketing campaign that encompassed curated audiences using Dollar General’s 1P audience to support a new product launch within the snacks category.

Bottle of Mtn Dew Flamin Hot.
Executive Summary

DGMN took a multi-faceted approach to create multiple audiences comprising current buyers of brands such as Cheetos, Doritos and Flamin’ Hot while also including predictive audiences to target buyers of salty snacks to acquire new customers.

The Secret
  • Advanced Analytics
  • One-to-one Closed Loop Attribution
  • Deeper Insights On Versioning
Why It Worked
  • Strategic Mobile Display Ad Units
  • DGMN’s 1p Digital Ecosystem Data
  • Audience Targeting
Case Study

PepsiCo sought to implement a digital media campaign that would deliver results by driving incremental sales with current and new buyers through the DG Media Network.

$8 84
Incremental return on ad spend

DGMN’s 1:1 closed-loop measurement capabilities were leveraged, and it was agreed that campaign success should be measured using incremental return on ad spend (iROAS) to ensure any sales garnered were truly incremental for the new product launch – opposed to sales that would have happened regardless.

By leveraging DG’s 1P with PepsiCo’s CDNA predictive audience targeting, we strategically identified and targeted consumers most likely to convert.

Tat Sakai, PepsiCo, Sr. Director of Shopper Marketing

Bag of Crunchy Cheetos
Sales lift
Campaign Results

The results validated that DGMN served the right customers with the right message in the right format. DGMN not only determined the sales lift was due to incremental transactions driven during the campaign but went a step further to identify which transactions were attributed to each creative version for the promoted featured items and other affinity items.